Our Facility

We’re a specialist dermatology clinic located in the vibrant heart of South Melbourne.

Our clinic is easy to access, comfortable, and equipped with the best equipment available.

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Purpose built and architect designed facility

Eight spacious consulting and procedure rooms

Subject to the most stringent cleaning and safety protocols

Conveniently located in South Melbourne, close to the CBD

Easy access by public transport or car, with ample parking

Why we chose to be blue!


Our clinic is equipped with the latest procedure facilities, phototherapy machines and cosmetic services equipment, so you get the best care available.

Our cosmetic equipment such as lasers and LED light therapy are used in conjunction with our dermatology treatments. LED light is excellent for improving healing after procedures and helps calm down acne irritated skin.

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Waldmann 7002 UV Therapy System

Full body UVB treatment within minutes

LPL–LED therapeutic light therapy

Pain relief, improved healing and acne treatment

Cutera Excel V laser

For vascular or pigmented lesions

Laser genesis

For fine lines, pores, skin tone and redness

Ultraformer III

Ultrasound for lifting and contouring

Fraxis Duo

Combination skin rejuvenation therapy


Advanced non-surgical skin rejuvenation