Get the glow; just not the red glow…..

get the glow

We often hear from our patients that they want their skin to glow! But not the RED kind of glow!

If you’re plagued with skin that glows red for hours after any physical exertion, at the thought of public speaking or you just wake up red and rosy you could probably benefit from our vascular laser.  There are a number of skin conditions that can cause excessive redness in the skin. Rosacea is a common one that we see as dermatologists and laser bridges the gap between a medical approach (prescription creams, medicine) and a cosmetic approach to shut down the telangiectasia (blood vessels) caused by flare-ups. Many of our patients present with generalised sun damage caused by accumulated UV exposure, causing dilation of the superficial vessels and making them visible or obvious. Surprisingly, many people are not aware that WE CAN TREAT THIS with laser.

Laser has been available in Australia since the early 80’s and these days the technology has been refined to give us great results, safely, with as little downtime as possible.  In saying this… laser is NOT a walk-in, walk-out treatment in most cases! Expect some downtime in most instances. HINT: swelling++.

So if redness, red spots or large vessels are getting you down, pick up your biggest pair of Hollywood sunglasses to hide behind and book yourself in for some laser at our clinic!