Help me with my acne in pregnancy!

Acne During Pregnancy: How to Manage It Safely and Effectively

Acne during pregnancy can be frustrating and feel like it is impossible to manage! There is also a lot of misinformation or lack-of information regarding skin care or cosmetic treatments during pregnancy. All this makes it hard to understand the most effective way to treat acne whilst pregnant. 

Look no further, we have done the research and have found the best treatment options for you! Below we talk about safe (non-tablet) acne treatments during pregnancy and pregnancy skincare. 



In clinic treatment options for acne in pregnancy

Peels / enzyme treatments have been shown to provide great management of acne whilst pregnant.

There are two main Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) that are used widely, these are Glycolic acid and Lactic acid. Both are superficial peels meaning they only work within the epidermis (outer/superficial layer of skin). The epidermis consists mainly of dead skin cells, so the action of these peels will provide minimal exfoliation to the surface of the skin, as well as provide GREAT hydration and can most importantly, help to reduce acne. These AHA’s have no impact to the foetus as they are at a low percentage and do not penetrate into the dermis (where our blood supply is).

Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA’s) such as salicylic acid has comedolytic (i.e. gets rid of blackheads and whiteheads) and keratolytic (i.e. exfoliating) properties, making it the ideal peel for destroying bacteria within the acne. Although this is a great peel for acne there are limitations whilst pregnant. If salicylic acid is used during pregnancy, it is only recommended that the area of application should be small. Making it THE PERFECT PEEL for use as a spot treatment (only applying it to the spots of acne).

We could combine AHA/BHA peels with LED light; this is a good option for acne treatment in pregnancy. 

The LOW-DOWN on using vitamin A in your skin care regime?

There is uncertainty when it come to the use of vitamin A whilst pregnant. Vitamin A can come in many different forms such as, Retinol, Retinyl Palmitate and Retinaldehyde and can come in different percentages. Vitamin A is great to add into your skin care regime to help with the management of many different types of skin concerns such as

  • fine lines,
  • textured skin,
  • pigmentation,
  • oil flow and many more.

Although this is a great ingredient to add into your skin care regime we need to be cautious if using this ingredient whilst pregnant. Over-the-counter vitamin A may pose very little/no risk whilst pregnant, due to the poor absorption through the skin. Therefore, they may be used whilst pregnant. In saying that, we would strongly advise that you seek further information or guidance from your General Practitioner or Dermatologist before using vitamin A whilst pregnant.

Vitamin A peels used whilst pregnant, can pose a risk as it has the potential to be well absorbed through the skin. Therefore, we would never apply a vitamin A peel to someone during pregnancy.

More information about acne and pregnancy can be found here.

Our clinic has helped countless patients treat their acne whilst pregnant or whilst TTC (trying to conceive). Contact us for your appointment and let us help you to get clear skin during pregnancy. 

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