LED – Is the treatment worth the hype?

What is LED?

LED is an acronym which stands for “Light Emitting Diode”. Technically it is type of laser treatment, but we refer to it as a cold laser, opposed to something which emits more energy and heat.

LED emits various wavelengths of light to make certain changes in the skin. Overall, regardless of the wavelength used, any LED treatment stimulates cellular ATP i.e. giving your cells more energy to function better.

In our clinic at Hope Dermatology, we utilise Blue light – 415nm, Red light – 635nm and Infrared (with no visible light)- 830nm

What is it used for?

LED can be used for lots of different applications in a dermatology setting. Commonly we use LED for adjunct treatments for acne, wound/scar healing post burns or post-surgery for our general dermatology patients, general skin rejuvenation, with PDT and to reduce inflammation.

It can be added on to any treatment for various benefits and is also very relaxing.

Is it as good as people say?
YES! Although it is a gentle treatment which is completely pain free, there is still great benefit to use LED either on its own, or combined with treatments. As we talked about above, the skin cells function better after LED treatments



Reasons people love LED

  • No downtime
  • Pain free
  • Improvement in skin quality
  • Immediate glow post treatment
  • Can help to reduce downtime post treatment

It is a great treatment to try if you’ve never had anything done before and are interested in starting out with treatments. This is a great way to start!




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