Skin Essentials for Summer

summer skin care

Summer! A great time for relaxing and travel! As dermatologists, we are quite busy seeing patients during Summer also. People suddenly get beach-body ready and realise there are a few suspicious spots that weren’t there last year and need a skin check. Or they might see more redness on the face from burst vessels and consider laser therapy. Or they might look in the mirror and decide to seek some new dermatologist-approved skin care or injectables. The New Year also signals new resolutions…These are the New Years Resolutions that I would like all my patients to adopt….

I SHALL avoid the sun in the peak UV times. Sunsmart has a great UV indicator APP you can download to your phone and it’s free!

I SHALL wear SPF 30 – 50+ regularly to prevent sun damage and premature ageing. Slip! Slop! Slap!

I SHALL only use non-soap cleansers and get rid of my bars of soap

I SHALL regularly moisturise my skin

I SHALL forget about skin toner as it will tend to make skin too dry and irritated

I SHALL seek professional medical advice about cosmeceuticals and ask for a tailored skin care treatment plan

I SHALL make an appointment to see my friendly dermatologist for a skin check if I am concerned about anything.

Remember that we can all enjoy Summer without burning our skin or damaging it with a tan. Have a relaxing Summer everyone!

Cheers, Hope